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At KiS, we don’t just sell products, we provide solutions and experiences, that’s the KiS difference. Whether it be complete end to end services, or just Aftercare and system rescue for a previous installation you are not happy with, we can provide it.  See our professional services & solutions below, if you wish to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

Professional Services


Design & Engineering

Your vision and requirements made visual.

Design involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creativity, manual skill, technical knowledge. Aesthetics, economics, technology and psychology all bound together in the process.

We love making the process simple.

Collaboration is key to delivering a great project: working closely with you and your teams.

Project Management

Every project is a developing vision. Our Project Manager will manage costs, procurement and timelines for critical elements, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Technology evolves much faster than construction. It’s our job to keep abreast of new technology and balance this with hitting your budgets and keeping the project timescale on track.

We know we have to get the project over the line, so you can start enjoying it.


We can specify the best equipment and install it to the highest standards. But sometimes equipment fails.

Whatever the reason, technology has a bad habit of failing at the worst time; which is why we’re here all day, every day, all night, every night. But good Aftercare isn’t just measured in response times. Our proactive monitoring systems can predict, avoid and repair issues remotely. No interruptions.

We appreciate the investment you are making in us and in technology. Our commitment to you in return is to provide you with the most dedicated and responsive Aftercare available.


Cinema - Suspension of disbelief

Motion film was designed to be a fully immersive experience. In the perfect environment, it has the ability to suspend our disbelief and immerse us in the story. With absolute control over the environment, sound and picture, we can take the experience to a level that completely connects the viewer with the film.

It’s about creating a truly incredible viewing experience, for films, sports, concerts, gaming, whatever you like to watch.

Whether it’s a dedicated cinema or a more sociable, versatile space, we love putting our passion and creativity to the test.

Lighting - Illuminating your world

Lighting can be dramatic, exciting, relaxing, health enhancing and practical. It starts with the creative design. Our team bring interiors and exteriors to life by the illumination of surfaces and building layers of light; light is the fourth dimension. 

Automation & Control - Your technology simplified

Our goal is to not complicate your already complicated world.

Connecting all of your technology and multiple apps on to a single platform with one easy to use interface, be it a remote control, touch panel, wall keypad, tablet or mobile. Everything has to link. The logic must follow.

Motorised Blinds - A balance of light and dark

Dressing windows with layers of shades can provide softness or add drama. They could simply serve to block out the light or offer privacy. Whatever the purpose, our team work through every element. Designing window details, specifying the quietest motors, producing beautifully crafted curtains. The finishing touches that bring a room to life.

IT - The foundation of everything

An invisible network of cables runs through our projects. These support the various sub-systems that work quietly behind the scenes, providing control and distribution of signals. These sub-systems work independently of each other in the background but are fully connected on the surface.

Your IT system is at the heart of it all. We always emphasise the importance of professional grade IT systems built to keep you completely secure and connected.


Audio Visual - The art of entertainment

For many, music is the soundtrack to their lives. Favourite songs take us back to people, places and experiences we love.

Your soundtrack could be a library of treasured LPs, a CD collection, or a carefully curated playlist. Many of us are happy to press the “some music” button and let that be a soundtrack in the space. Discovering your preferences, your soundtrack, is key to choosing the best audio technology to deliver it.


Security - Keeping things secure

Home or away, you cannot put a price on peace of mind. It’s no wonder security is always at the top of every clients list and rightly so.  With everything from CCTV, intruder alarms, access control, video intercom, perimeter detection we have all the bases covered.

We incubate the latest technology and put it through the paces to ensure it stands up to real world environments and integrates as it’s meant to. With Ai technology built in, we leave little room for error or false alarms.

Climate Control - Getting comfy

Control your heating and air conditioning with an intelligent system that learns your movements, knows when you’ll arrive home, and responds to the ambient temperature and even weather forecasts

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