Cabling and Networks

A network serves as the foundation of any connected home.  Every property no matter how large or small, will require more than the common equipment supplied by your ISP to provide a robust and responsive network.  From Gigabit Routers and Switches providing reliability and un-compromised speeds, to powerful Wireless Access Points covering each corner of the property, we can get your network up and running.  Our engineers have over 35 years of combined experience in designing, building and maintaining Enterprise grade networks, so you’ll be in safe hands with us.

Please download our Network Solutions Brochures below, with further information about the different types of networks below.

Superior Networking for the Connected Home

Structured Cabling

All modern devices need the ability to connect to a network for communication and control. Whilst we use mainly Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A cabling, there is also requirements for Fibre, Coax and other signalling cables, we can design and specify to exact requirements as needed for you project.

All cables are installed, presented and tested professionally to ensure things work as expected from day one and you are given a full report. We utilise the Fluke and NetScout set of tools to fully certify and measure your network.

Managed Networks

Once the physical network has been installed, we can then build on it, using wireless access points and controllers or Ethernet switches. Whether it’s a simple flat network or multiple VLANS, we can get it setup and running with minimal effort.

All our data networks are built using only premium quality CPR certified cables. With the best grade patch panels, terminations and face plates, to ensure we deliver an optimum network, both in appearance and performance. Each cable is individually tested, certified and labelled accordingly.

Wireless Networks

At K I Systems, we only install Enterprise Grade WiFi networks for both commercial and residential applications, bringing many benefits such as;

  • Complete coverage of your property with no dead spots
  • Roaming between access points without network dropouts or freezes
  • Guest networks with internet only access, protecting your private network
  • Multiple wireless networks using the same hardware
  • Reporting – gain visibility in to your network and what it’s doing

Video Networks (HDBaseT)

With more and more being capable over category based cabling, Ultra HD and HD video can now be distributed over Cat6A cabling, K i use HDBaseT certified cabling to deliver the highest performing video networks available.

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