For Builders and Developers

Add Value to your Developments

By 2020, 50 billion devices are expected to be “Smart” or connected to a home network.  With the cost of technology falling and becoming more accessible, Smart Homes are no longer science fiction or only for the super wealthy.  As builders and developers, you want to offer your customers something exceptional that can adapt and change to their needs for years to come.

Smart Homes will increase the desirability and value of a development.  So it is important to consider installing the infrastructure from the outset for each project. Whether you want to have a complete Smart Home with every feature imaginable, or something to wet the customers appetite. Every requirement can be satisfied, as all our solutions are bespoke and modular.

There is further information below from the current market leaders, Control4 and Savant. K i Systems are pleased to be authorised dealers for both.