Smart integrated heating and cooling systems allows you to control your whole home temperature through a series of thermostats connected to a centralised system.

Heating & Cooling Control4

Take full control of your climate systems with Control4 and integrate your
heating and cooling system into the rest of you home. Control your system from Tablets, Touchscreens and mobiles giving your complete access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

C4 WakeupSmart heating knows when to turn on the boiler and when to set the temperature, but integrate with a Smart Home and your house wakes up. Synced with lighting, blinds and Audio Video systems.

Smart heating systems usually tend to pay themselves back quickly with reduced energy bills, it achieves this by only heating the property when it is occupied and learns your preferred level of comfort over time.

We integrate with leading brands such as Heatmiser and Nest.  We also work with plumbers and consultants to deliver a fully integrated system into Control4 or Savant.

Nest Thermostat