Virgin Media launched the all new 4K Ultra HD TV service, here’s first look at the new offering including the new V6 box and redesigned voice remote control.

4K UHD from Virgin is finally here as of December 2020. Whilst rival Sky launched their Sky Q product in February 2016, this has been long overdue.

Let’s take a deeper look at the new service. First off there is a new V6 box, this is required to unlock the raft of new features and get that crisp 4K UHD picture.  The interface has been overhauled, replacing the TiVo platform, along with a new voice enabled remote control. In addition there are also mini boxes which you can add, similar to the Sky Q offering.

Virgin Media 360 Vision

But here is the key difference, Sky Q mini boxes only offer HD (1080p), whereas the new Virgin TV 360 minis are 4K enabled, only two simultaneous mini boxes can be supported, just like Sky Q.  All the main streaming apps are also available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer all delivering 4K UHD and HDR, Disney+ is not available at launch but is promised later this year.

You can record up to six programmes while watching a seventh, view on demand programming and live TV in one room, pause and then continue in another room through the mini box. The newly designed remote control is a vast improvement over the previous model and it’s also voice enabled, allowing you to use your voice for search, open apps and basic controls. Virgin have also introduced profiles, similar to Netflix, up to six profiles can be added. Virgin now offer “Start over”, allowing users to jump to the beginning of a live programme, similar to Sky’s “Watch from start”, which is only available on selected programmes.  There is also a companion app, allowing content to be download to supported devices.

The service is available to all new and existing customers on the Ultimate package. Further information is available here.